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Eats: Skipping St. Joseph Meat Market would be a big missed steak


If there's one thing we Minnesotans know, it's meat. The Times asked Harvey Pfannenstein, owner of St. Joseph Meat Market, about his experience slicing and dicing sausages and steaks for a living. St. Joseph Meat Market won the Best Meat Market award in this year's Best Of Central Minnesota contest.

Why is it important for St. Joseph Meat Market Inc. to bring fine meats to Central Minnesota?

We believe that our customers deserve to have the best quality meat products out there. We offer that old-fashioned meat market feel by having a full meat case and friendly face serve you as soon as you walk in the door. Yet, we meet the modern day need for convenience, so we offer prepackaged meats as well for those who prefer to grab and go.

Where do you stand on the Great Central Minnesotan Meat Stick debate? (Or, why are your meat sticks the best?)

Our customers like variety. Sausage is our specialty and we can provide our customers with over 150 different sausage options. We use only high quality beef and pork in our sausage making and in return we get high quality product. We put our customers first and always try to provide them with something everyone will enjoy.

Describe your idea of the perfect meal:

Appetizer: Sausage bites.

Salad starter: BLT (Bacon, Lamb and Turkey).

Entrée: There is nothing better than a grilled steak! Seasoned to perfection and grilled precisely to medium-rare topped with sautéed onions and homegrown mushrooms. Then, pair that with some mashed potatoes and use the juices from your steak as your gravy.

Dessert: Turtle cheesecake topped with bacon crumbles!

What do you want Times readers to know about your business that they might not already know?

We offer so many options — come in and visit! We can meet so many needs in one trip, from fresh meat cuts to sausage to specialty items. We have a friendly atmosphere and are here to help you with your breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything-in-between plans.

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