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Home Sweet Home: Benusa Appliance: Striving to be the best since 1972

Vicki Ikeogu,

A lot has changed in the 44 years since Benusa Appliance Sales & Service was founded.

For starters, the St. Cloud-based company has expanded to include locations in Sauk Centre, Litchfield, Bemidji and Monticello. Its staff has grown from five full-time employees to 51.

But one thing owner Jack Stang said that has remained the same is Benusa’s commitment to household appliances.

“We just wanted to specialize in what we do best,” Stang said. “We dabbled in some of the other stuff (like commercial and small appliances), but we found this was our niche. And we’ll stick with it.”

Since taking over the ownership of Benusa Appliance Sales & Service in 1997, Stang has been committed to ensuring his customers are taken care of, regardless of where they purchased their appliances.

And his customers have rewarded the business by naming them the Best Appliance Store in the 2016 Best of Central Minnesota voting.

In a recent interview, Stang sat down and explained some of the qualities that he feels make Benusa Appliance a cut above the competition.

Question: What do you think sets Benusa Appliance Sales & Service above the rest in this year’s voting?

Answer: We’ve got a lot of good competition out there. There’s no doubt. But we feel we know appliances from the bottom to the top. A lot of your box stores can’t give the service that we can.

Q: How do you make Benusa Appliance stand out?

A: Customer satisfaction. A lot of everything built today is done overseas, so you do see a lot of issues with different things. But our ultimate goal was no matter who takes a service call or who answers a customer’s complaints that (the employee) has the right to take care of that immediately.

Q: What is the secret to your success?

A: My employees. They are all dedicated. There’s not a one here who doesn’t like their job.

Q: What does winning best appliance store in Central Minnesota mean to you and your team?

A: It just proves that we got what we deserve. It’s been our strategy forever to be the best in the area. It will definitely boost the egos (of our employees), and it’ll keep up the morale with them.

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