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Pets: St. Joseph Veterinary Clinic loves all creatures, great and small


If it barks, meows, neighs, clucks or baas, our local veterinarians probably count it among their patients! St. Joseph Veterinary Clinic won the Best Veterinarian award in 2017 for exemplary service to animals. Dr. Tom Carlson, owner and senior partner at the clinic, said he loves treating furry friends day in and day out. He answered our questions about his doggone delightful duties — before the cat got his tongue!

Why is it important to you to work for the St. Joseph Veterinary Clinic?

After 28 years of practice I have never not wanted to come to work. I love it.

Are you a cat person or a dog person (or both)?

Both! Plus sheep, horses and chickens.

What’s the best part about working with animals every day?

Helping animals with their problems, pains and issues. Since they can’t talk, many people don’t realize how their pets feel.

What’s the funniest pet story you can tell us?

We had a dog on medications; the owner gave them faithfully. But unknown to them, the dog kept them in his mouth and spit them out later. The owner found a pile of pills weeks later in his dog crate!

What do you want Times readers to know about your business that they might not already know?

Every pet and owner is different, no two alike. We cater to everyone’s needs and wishes, no matter the reason.

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