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Wheels: St. Cloud Toyota stays tuned up for quality customer service


Car dealerships may be known for their vehicle lineups, but often customers return to a dealer because of the customer service. That is a fact not lost on Tom Findley, general manager at St. Cloud Toyota, the 2016 winner in both the Best Auto Service and Best New Car Dealership categories. Findley recently shared with the Times his thoughts on what makes St. Cloud Toyota's customer service stand out from the competition.

Why is it important for St. Cloud Toyota to serve Central Minnesota consumers?

At St. Cloud Toyota, we understand that we are in the business of moving people. Our customers might be purchasing a vehicle as their daily driver or maybe it’s their weekend getaway mobile. Wherever it is our customers are going, our goal is to get them there safely and reliably. That’s why we sell Toyota manufactured vehicles. They have a reputation to run forever, and that’s just what they do.

Settle the debate: What is the BEST color for a car?

White is my personal favorite. The simplicity of the color just makes any vehicle look sharp.

If you could drive any car, fictional or real, what car/whose car would it be and why?

This may seem biased, but a white lifted Toyota Tundra with black rims is my favorite. There is nothing quite like the comfort of driving a big truck to the lake or wherever I might go.

What do you want Times readers to know about your business that they might not already know?

Our business has a family-centric mindset and that is the way we view our customers when they come in searching for their next vehicle. It’s about developing a relationship and building on that throughout every car deal. This is even more evident in our role of building a great community around us. This exists both internally with our great employees and externally with our community involvement. Many people stereotype the car business as a higher turnover industry. That just isn’t the case here. A majority of our sales team and service techs have been here for five or more years. Our strong belief is that happy employees lead to even happier customers. As I previously mentioned, we also value involvement in our local community. Whether that be cleaning up our adopted highway or spending time ringing bells for The Salvation Army, we are always doing something to give back to the wonderful place we call home.

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